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Get a Personalized Financial Plan

Become Confident In Your Investment Strategy

Comprehensive wealth management is more than simply balancing the amount of risk and growth in your portfolio.  It means taking a look at the big picture.  What does your money mean to you and what would you like it to provide?  Who are the important people in your life and how will your financial plan affect them?  

With more than 30 years of wealth management experience, you can be confident that your individual investment plan will be designed to help you reach your specific financial goals.

Receive Exceptional, Personal Service

Our office has a full support staff that helps and assists the clients of our advisor, Dale Terwedo.  We only take on a limited number of clients so that those that do become a part of our client family receive our full attention and care, giving us the necessary time and focus to create and maintain a comprehensive financial plan for each individual.

Conquer Complex Financial Issues

You might be looking for a financial advisor if you're not already an investment or financial planning specialist and are in need of one.  We've spent thirty years managing complex financial issues and know how to work through most of them.  But there's more to being a good advisor than solving problems.  Many people also want to know how these problems are solved.  We are always happy to provide extra education for our clients and frequently take complex financial issues, break them down into simpler parts, and explain the fundamental concepts behind them in ways that are easy to understand.


Our Clients

Who We Typically Work With

Our typical clients come to us because of a transitional life event, such as an upcoming retirement or a job change. Some find us while trying to cope with divorce or separation or perhaps even the loss of a loved one. And some have the added complexity of domestic partner relationships. 

All of these major life transitions involve having to make critical financial decisions, sometimes for the very first time. Clients have come to us concerned about:

  • Lack of experience and knowledge to deal with complex financial situations
  • Information overload
  • Difficulty prioritizing financial goals
  • Sorting through emotions to make sound financial decisions
  • Feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty

Our clients look to us to help them develop a realistic picture of their current financial situation as well as guide them through all of the questions, concerns and decisions they have before them. Often we are able to help them answer questions they didn't know they had...or should have had.

Whether they are dealing with a major life transition or simply trying to consolidate and simplify their financial lives, we help our clients gain confidence from the professional advice and counsel we provide at Terwedo Financial Services, LLC.



Meeting Your Needs

Comprehensive Financial Plan

A comprehensive financial plan involves a complete evaluation and understanding of the goals you’d like to accomplish and a detailed strategy to help you reach them. To accomplish this, our planning process involves reviewing and analyzing all aspects of your financial life including:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Income Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Charitable Gifting
Financial Organization

We provide a Personal Financial Organizer that systematizes the information and documents from many of the areas of your financial life. It is designed to be used as a resource for your own efficiency and become your go-to source for quickly finding your important financial documents. We recommend you bring this in at every review meeting for and our staff can file and arrange any new documents to keep your organizer neat and tidy.

Coordination with CPAs and Attorneys

We work directly with your other professional advisors to make sure that your financial plan works harmoniously with your other plans. 

With CPAs, this often means proactively sending out Supplemental Tax Reports at the beginning of each year so that they can start working on your tax return without requiring you to be the messenger. It also entails working cooperatively when any changes are made to your financial plan to ensure that no unnecessary tax burdens are created.  

With Attorneys, this generally means making sure that the beneficiaries you list on your accounts are reflected in your wills and vice versa. When you set up a trust with your attorney, we can coordinate and help ensure that it gets funded appropriately.  We also perform regular ownership audits to ensure compliance with the estate plan.

Social Security Maximizer

As our clients approach age 62, many of them start to wonder how they can maximize their social security benefits. Is it better to take it out right away? Or is it better wait until the age of 70 and get increased delayed benefits? Is it best to “File and Suspend?” As part of our financial planning process, we do special analysis to help you get the most out of your social security.

Quarterly Review Meetings

We meet with our planning clients once per quarter to update changes in their personal or financial lives, address various planning needs, review current economic and market conditions, and review progress on their investment and financial plans.  We confirm and recommend any action items and follow up, as necessary.  Every review generates a “Planning Narrative”, a summary of the planning completed and “gaps” that may still exist.  We also provide online access to many tools including the plan itself, budgeting, net worth and limited (you decide) access for your other advisors, reducing duplication.

Client Event and Workshop Invitations

Throughout the year, we host several workshops on financial topics as well as client social events that allow us to get to know each other in a more social setting and have some fun at the same time!  Our planning clients receive priority access to these events that often have limited attendance due to space constraints.

Additional Advice and Advocacy Services

Occasionally, some of our clients need help navigating big financial decisions that go a bit above and beyond typical financial planning services. In the past, this has included a client purchasing their first home and needing coordination with their mortgage broker or a recently-widowed woman needing help purchasing a car on her own for the first time. Even if it isn’t typically a part of our service package, we’re always happy to lend a hand if we can provide value.


Our Process

Our Advice Process

Our wealth management advice process is designed to discover your needs and goals, create a plan to meet them, and then constantly reassess and refine that plan's design. 


Wealth Management Process

Introductory Consultation

This first step is an opportunity for us to get acquainted and determine if there is a fit between your needs and concerns and our philosophy and practice.

360 Discovery

We gather detailed information on your financial situation as well as learn about your personal and family goals and aspirations.  


We assess where you and your finances currently stand and go over any strengths and weaknesses.  We particularly look for discrepancies between your current financial situation and your goals so that we can focus on how to close those gaps.


Based on what we find in the 360 Discovery step and what we learn in the Analysis step, we are ready to design a financial plan that meets your specific needs and helps you to accomplish your individual goals.  Before implementing this plan, we have an open and frank discussion in which we relate all pertinent information, discuss any concerns you may have, and paint realistic expectations about how we expect this plan to perform.  If you feel that any changes to this plan need to be made, we can alter as necessary before moving on.


We create the necessary accounts and transfer the appropriate assets to their proper places.  Additionally, we work side-by-side with other financial professionals, both in your network and ours, ensuring that the implementation of this plan aligns with all financial areas of your life.


After implementation, it is important to continually monitor your plan and ensure that it is always meeting your needs.  We meet periodically to update changes in your personal or financial life, address various planning needs, review current economic and market conditions, and review progress on your investment and financial plans.  We confirm and recommend any action items and follow up, as necessary.



Communication and Reporting


Part of maintaining and strengthening our relationship with you is keeping ongoing, clear, and open communication.  We regularly connect with our current clients in the following ways:

In Person
  • Quarterly financial plan reviews
By Email
  • Monthly statements
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Year-end market summary videos
By Phone
  • Answering any questions and concerns you may have
Report Access

We know that many of our clients want to stay on top of their investments, checking how their portfolios are performing and looking through detailed reports to track their progress.  In order to meet this need, we've made all of that information available online and easy to access.   



Fee Transparency

Terwedo Financial Services, LLC is a fee-based financial advisory practice. Over 95% of our revenue comes from fees based on the assets that we manage under our clients' investment plans. The remainder comes from other products (such as life insurance) that are only recommended under special circumstances.  In any case, the recommendations that we make are based solely on what our experience tells us will help you best reach your financial goals.

Total fees vary from person to person and we will be able to more accurately discuss them after we develop a better understanding of your individual needs. If you would like to have a comparison of our fees versus the ones that you're currently paying or would simply like more information, feel free to contact us.

Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting

Whether you already have an existing retirement plan or are implementing one for the first time, your next step is to contact us and set up a free introductory consultation where we'll discuss your financial situation and needs as well as our investment philosophy and services to determine if there's a mutually good fit.

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